Waterjet Metal Cutting

Today, metalworking has become one of the most widely used applications of waterjet cutting. Waterjet with its unparalleled advantages, is widely been used in many metal processing industries. Aerospace, Rail transportation, Foundry, Oil and petrochemical equipment to name a few.

Waterjet cutting machines is high cutting effect and excellent cutting quality for metal cutting . With high pressure of 55000psi ,200mm thickness of material can be cut by waterjet machines, such as stainless steel, copper, aluminium...For some soft materials , even can be cut in layers by waterjet machines, the cutting effect will be increased a lot by this way. There are different advantages from plasma cutting, laser cutting and flame cutting, due to all of this cutting methods are with heat effect after cutting, usually, secondary processing are necessary. On the other hand ,waterjet cutting is sort of cold cutting, the cutting surface is smooth, without toxic gas.

Waterjet cutting metal is flexible and low cost. The high flexibility of today's industrial equipment is very important to customers. No need to replace the tool, just the settings of operator in the software, you can cut the different materials, whether it is batch or small batch processing can be competent.

Waterjet cutting almost no fixture, usually, only heavy side pressure can be. The use of waterjet special programming software IGEMS, can also be used for material layout, optimize the use of materials, reduce costs and improve productivity.