Water Jet Cutting Machine for Sale

Looking for a water jet cutter for sale?

Same Water Jet has more than 20 years of experience when it comes to manufacturing water jet cutting machines. We are one of the earliest enterprises having ultrahigh-pressure waterjet technology. Our company became a member of the Jet Equipment Standardisation committee of the State Bureau of Machine-Building Industry, Chinese Structural Glass and Industrial Glass Association, Guangdong Dimension Stone Industrial Association and Guangdong Glass Industrial Association.

We are also the first successful domestic enterprise that applies the three-cylinder plunger directly to the drive pump to the ultra high-pressure cutting field in China. So don’t hesitate to choose us because our machines are sold in 45 countries around the world and we are highly known as outstanding when it comes to cutting performance and productivity.

Water Jet Cutting Machine for Sale

At Same Water Jet, we offer from industrial to small water jet cutters for sale. As the leading water jet solutions in Australia, our popular machines models include:

  • Cantilever type Waterjet: this cantilever type cutting machine has a transmission part on the X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis, water tank, cutting head, lubrication part and servo driving system. The advantage of this machine is the simple height, manageable structure and good work.
  • Gantry Type Waterjet: the structure of this machine will fit a large size machine and has a long-running distance of X and Y-axis. This cutting machine is suitable for processing complex big size parts. The productivity of this machine is high and the energy consumption is low.
  • Double Cutting Head Gantry Waterjet Cutting Machine: the cutting table on this machine is equipped with multi-head structure and it can execute the same track cutting machine simultaneously.
  • AC 5 AXIS Cutting Machine: this machine can present 0° – 45° bevel cutting and has an IGEM 5 axis waterjet software. If you want to achieve 2D/3D cutting buy this machine at the SAME waterjet.

Same Water Jet cutting machines are popular in the metal, glass cutting industry, and stone & fibre cutting industry. We also offer water jet pumps and water jet spare parts to replace old parts of your water jet cutting machine. If you are looking for a new water jet cutting machine, don’t hesitate to contact us as we guarantee outstanding quality and affordable prices. Choose Same Water Jet, your best choice of waterjet glass cutting industry. Contact us now.

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