Gantry Type Waterjet

We manufacture high-quality gantry type waterjet machines suitable for use in a wide variety of demanding industrial applications. If you are looking for a gantry type waterjet cutting machine that is capable of cutting glass, stone, metals and ceramics quickly and efficiently, our dual and multi-head structure models will be perfect for your needs.

Designed for high-volume manufacturing and industrial environments where speed and accuracy are of the greatest importance, our gantry waterjet cutting machines are used by leading companies across Australia and the world. Each model is available in a wide range of standard sizes and we also build machines to custom specifications. For further information about our waterjet cutting range or to request a competitive quotation, we invite you to call our Sydney office now.

Accurate, powerful and reliable gantry type waterjet cutting machine

The power, accuracy and reliability of our machines makes them a valuable asset in any industrial process or manufacturing environment. When precision, stability and speed are required, a SAME gantry type waterjet is the only sensible solution. Featuring state-of-the-art Japanese servos, advanced control systems and energy-efficient water pumps our machines utilise the best components and technologies to ensure class-leading performance for many different cutting applications. If you know the exact size you require, we will be happy to build a gantry type waterjet cutting machine to meet your specific needs. Alternatively, we can help you to choose a model from our standard range that will meet all of your requirements.

Contact our gantry type waterjet team today

Call and speak to a member of our team today or complete our enquiry form and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our gantry type waterjet range and to make a recommendation if desired. If you require a custom-manufactured gantry type waterjet cutting machine, we will be delighted to talk you through all of the applicable options and to prepare a detailed quotation for your consideration once we know exactly what you need. Wherever you are located in Australia, we can supply, install and commission a gantry type waterjet that is perfect for your requirements, and maintain it for you too.

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